- September 14th 2004

Happy 10th Anniversary, The Sims 2
Thank-you for a decade of immeasurable fun

Happy big 10 to the best Sim game EVER!

Happy 10th Anniversary to the game that has given me endless hours of pure entertainment!  Where would we be without you? 

such cute gifs! and yay, here’s to ten more!

Yay for Sims 2 - I loves it very much, my precioussess


Wow, I have reached 417 followers! So today I bring you all a gift, and your downloads folder is about to hate me. Every download includes swatches and files named accordingly for easy pickings.

First: 10 beddings based on patterns by ransie3@DA.

Download Beddings

Second: Five wallpapers using Shasta’s molding and patterns by harperfinch.

Download Eyelet Wallpaper

Third: Recolors of Maxis’ Blunt Opinion Stone Wall in Aelia’s Eco Naturals and Pooklet’s Naturals.

Download Blunt Opinion Stone Walls

Fourth: Recolors of Maxis’ Brickfest I & Brickfest II brick walls in Aelia’s Retro, CuriousB, Poppet Lonesome, and Shasta Yeti color actions.

Download Brickfest I & II

Fifth: A plethora of recolors of Maxis’ Simply Siding in a variety of color actions: Aelia, Anna, CuriousB, Hafi, Huning, and Shasta.

Download Simply Siding

Final: And finally I have made some painted walls using Holy Simoly’s awesome white paneling. These are in various colors from various color actions by Aelia, Anna, CuriousB, Huning, and Shasta, and can be found under paneling.

Download Paint + Panel


jcthafinest asked: Hi!! So I was wondering did u ever release the rubber floor tiles in CuriousB colors from the WIP playground that u posted on Oct. 30, 2013?? This has been just what I've been looking for!!

I did actually! You can find the recolors here: http://smart-spell.tumblr.com/post/66065189494/here-have-some-recolors. They’re buried at the bottom of the post. :)

Living in an apartment means the Landlord’s weekly Saturday parties. Lilith and Gavin opt to host it in their apartment—free pizza!

They meet their neighbors: Creighton Serrano, Ciara Kaye, and fellow university graduate, Roxie Sharpe, albeit from Académie Le Tour rather than Sim State. Lilith finds she doesn’t much care for her snobby attitude.

Eventually Lilith grows bored and takes her man upstairs for some woohoo while everyone else watches the game and socializes downstairs.

Lilith and Gavin head to the park for some much needed recreation. Lilith finds she’s quite a natural at fishing, at least initially. Gavin prefers more social and juvenile pursuits like Myshuno and entertaining himself on the hammock.

Darren, your son and Lilith have both moved on to greener pastures. Get over it.

These two work hard and play hard.

After graduating Sim State, Lilith Pleasant and her boyfriend, Gavin Newson, moved into a small apartment in Downtown. They spend time hanging out with friends and family, working, and christening every surface of their apartment.

Yeah I’ve read those and absolutely can’t figure them out - it’s just easier for me to have them have different kids :p LOL!

That’s understandable. It doesn’t help that most of the tutorials’ pictures are dead links anyway.

I always wondered about this. Do you mean you loaded them in CAS, had them have kids through CAS and had them be their kids instead of the game generated ones?

Almost. I load Daniel and Mary-Sue into CAS and roll for baby a few times. Once I was happy with the product and make some tweaks (like changing the girls hair to red since it would always come out black due to genetics), I save the fake family and just leave them in the bin. I exit the game and load up SimPE. I then load Angela and then Lilith in Sim Surgery and then switch their faces with the new offspring of Mary-Sue and Daniel. After, I go into Angela’s and Lilith’s character files and make their new facial structure part of their genetics. Otherwise, they will pass on their old facial genetics while still appearing with their new ones.

Here’s the post with Cassandra and Alexander.

I hope this explanation is satisfactory (and that I’m not confounding two different methods here). MTS has several tutorials on changing genetics after customizing a sim which can be found here. I believe I used the NPC genetic replacement tutorial.

The night of Mikhal’s birthday, Jared comes home with a job promotion and a surprise for Angela.

Mary-Sue thinks it’s about damn time while Lilith would like someone to please gag her (and change her out of that damn dress… at least it has cyber boots).

The next day Jared has a day off and is home caring for Mikhal while Angela’s at work. Once home, Angela and Jared celebrate their engagement.