holleyberry asked: What theme do you use?

I use the Brutal Simplicity theme. :)

CC Organization Help


Okay, so I organize my hairs by Mesh. It is awesome and I will never do it any other way.

My “Clothes” folder, on the other hand, I organize by Creator. However, I am wondering now if I should have a separate MESHES folder? That way, if I download something new, I can quickly check to see if I already have the mesh.

What do you guys think? How do you organize your CLOTHES folder?

Wanted to add more to my reply since that damn character limit in replies is ridiculous. I organize my hairs by mesh and am actually working on (slowly) consolidating file names (so there’s only acceptable characters).

As for clothes, anyone with tips on organizing non-default clothing is welcomed. Currently I go by creator for everything, so say everything made by, for example, selenaq13, is under her name, other than hair, bedding and defaults. But it makes it impossible to find the clothing in my DL folder if I see there’s an issue in-game. Clothing meshes stay with the original creator, so someone could have made recolors to a mesh by trapping and that mesh is in trapping’s folder whereas the recolors are in that creator’s. Not all that sensible considering various meshes get a lot of recolors/use within the community.

My default clothing is super organized, both in my DL folder and in an excel file which I may share one of these days. Although, I have currently removed my default clothing because of conflicts with non-default clothing; hence why I need better clothing organization.

Oh, as for the possibility of duplicate meshes. I do not rename meshes for the most part. So when I download something I will copy the mesh name and use the Windows Explorer search function to search my DL folder for that mesh. If it shows up, I know I already have it. I find this method the most reliable than utilities like Delphy’s Download Organizer.


210 Wright Way, Pleasantview

I left town for a few days but now I’m back and managed to finish this one in between downloading sprees. So much for keeping my dl folder small and simple this time around..

I turned this one into Pleasantview’s first apartment building with three units. Rent is § 1.658 - § 1.858.



awesomemyshrahayden asked: Hi ! I "feel free" to ask you where you found that lovely comptuer wallpaper on post/84500867622 (the entrance picture) ? =3

The computer wallpaper is part of a set of default PC screens by XanderGC. You need Freetime for them to work and you can find them here.


this has broken my heart

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getmygameon replied to your post: I had no idea this could happen!

What? :3 someone could help get a sim promo’s - or the fact that its Don? Xp

The fact that someone in the same household, in the same career, can get you a promotion. And Don, pfft, he would pull as many strings as he could if it means she’ll give him attention.

I had no idea this could happen!

I had no idea this could happen!

The Caliente House, Part III.

The Caliente House, Part II.

The Caliente House.