It’s far more likely to be a hardware problem than a game corruption one. Check your system.

Like my graphics card? Nvidia did just put out an update, although it’s been going on a little longer than that (most likely since the previous update). Could it be that my graphics card is not recognized?

Some Help Please?

So lately I’ve been noticing flashing purple sims in my game. Not really the sims themselves, but the clothing, and the sims will have their arms outstretched and they’re levitating rather than walking. It will also show up in icons, like the family picture when you click on a household to play.

I went to Google with my problem and there’s very little on flashing pink/purple. One post on a forum said it was an outdated censor file, but I don’t think that’s the issue. I did find that raemia had this problem previously and looked through her comments on that (the 7.4 post of her legacy), but it wasn’t all that conclusive.

Anyway, I’m going through my downloads and decided to have Clean Installer take a look, seeing as it has been a while since I’ve looked for duplicates and the like. What I noticed right away were files highlighted in light blue, a.k.a. Incomplete Body Shop Projects, and I am wondering if they are the culprit. From the FAQ on S2P Clean Installer it states:

Packages that are marked in light blue, with a type of “Incomplete BodyShop Project”, contain BodyShop projects which do not have a Binary Index. These are almost always incomplete BodyShop files, which were taken from the Projects folder instead of the Saved Sims folder. However, there are some default replacements which will be incorrectly flagged.

Now a good portion of the light blue highlights are indeed default files. I’m sure most of them are fine, but I’m removing them for experimental purposes.

So does anyone have anything else they can add to this? I’m really, really hoping that my neighborhood’s not corrupt, but I’m not really finding anything else.

While the dogs are all trained to pee outside, they unfortunately prefer to use the sidewalk instead of the grass. Luckily, the Aqua Deletus spell comes in major handy to get rid of those yellow puddles of environmental doom.

A small taste of family life, and a very rare picture of all the dogs actually using the dog houses. I have also included a top-down view of the condo.

Lots of dog- and child-rearing this round.

I’m not sure who pissed in Artemis’ kibble, but her expressions were something to behold. 1000-yard stares and squinty-eyed anger were just the tip of the iceberg.

Other than Artemis’ antics, Max became a handsome little toddler with Cyd’s green eyes and brown hair. Gretchen taught him all his skills within a day thanks to some smart milk.

And Danny can be a good dog when he wants.

Cyd Roseland (Mr. Neutral Warlock) and Gretchen Chin (AL townie) live together in his small condo in PV and are expecting their first (and possibly only?) child. They don’t have much money, but they don’t mind. They have a small greenhouse where they plant fresh fruits and vegetables, and a backyard stuffed to the gills with things for the four dogs on the property.

Sarah and Danny were adopted by Cyd and had three puppies, of which they kept one, Artemis (The Precious™ in my icon). Apollo was adopted to the Dreamers, and the last one sold to a townie.

When Sarah and Danny came to Cyd, they were unholy terrors. But with a lot of patience and a lot of training (and gratuitous use of PetActionCancel and ControlPets), they are playful, less unholy terrors. Danny still has a habit of destroying the flowers and not knowing when to eat or where to actually get comfortable, but the difference between then and now is night and day.

Before long, Max joins the family. Gretchen uses her maternity leave to stay home with him as Cyd works his way up the Criminal career track. And when the little bugger is finally asleep for the night, Cyd and Gretchen get up to their old tricks.

(Good going there, Cyd. Falling in love with Gretchen after she has carried and borne your son. *shakes head*)

Cassandra had twins, Dahlia and Deirdre. Dahlia is the one in blue and Deirdre is in purple. I’m not sure why I have so many pictures of Deirdre, particularly considering of the two my favorite is Dahlia, but she’s just more photogenic than her twin I guess.

Diana aged into a child, and Benjamin was, well, around. If you’re wondering about Alexander, I sent his butt off to college. We will see him and a few other famiiliar faces in the next college rotation. (That car in the picture of Darren and Diana is actually Alex’s, but since he can’t have it at university he let his brother-in-law use it.)

As for Dirk, he’s in his own household this rotation since he’s graduated college. He lives with several Pleasantview and Belladonna Cove graduates in a house in Bluewater Village.

(Random Trivia: All of Don’s children [Ben, Sonia, and Tony] have the exact same personality of 1/9/8/5/4.)

And that’s that for this household. I told you I didn’t take many pictures….

I unfortunately did not take many pics of the Goth house this rotation. Part of this is due to laziness, the other part is due to just being angry.

The original house I had made over completely borked and I had to move them out and bulldoze it. I initially plopped down a new lot the same size and started to rebuild, but I eventually got really sick of building and decorating halfway through, so then I just got onto LJ and downloaded Anna’s makeover and just changed a few things to my liking. By that point I just wanted the whole sim week over.

Anyway, it seems half the pics I have of Cassandra are of her knocked up and about to have sexytimes with Darren. At least this time she’s pregnant with his child and not Don’s.

Their first child together was a girl, and her name is Diana. She’s absolutely precious, and has a very similar personality to Darren, but somehow even more boring—4/4/4/4/9!

Here we also have the Dreamer’s dog, Apollo (Artemis’ [dog in icon] twin), sleeping with Benjamin, Cassandra’s son with Don. Apollo loves the children and is a medium-to-large dog with a totally small dog mentality.

WCIF Clothing - galialady

Sorry to bother smart-spell, wcif Nina outfit please? Thank you so much :D

Not bothering me at all. :) The top is from io’s SS 2010 gift to trapping which can be found at her LJ here. And the pants are by migamoo and can be found here.

Don and Nina spend way too much in their underwear, but at least they know how to have fun, right?

The kids really love that piano. It constantly needed to be tuned up because they’re on it so much.

I adore Quizno. Reminds me a lot of my cat Screech.

And at the end of the rotation (which are seven sim days in my game), Francesca ages into a teen. Like father, like daughter in this case.

Francesca totally inherited Mortimer’s genius grin.

If you haven’t been able to tell already, I really love MogHughson’s Pets and Children share bed mod. It’s just so cute!

And I promise, the Caliente family spam is almost over!